At NeLMH, we try to be as comprehensive as possible in our subject coverage. The site is primarily aimed at mental health professionals, although we also feature a considerable amount of information relevant to primary care professionals, health care managers, social care professionals, prison service staff, caregivers and mental health service users and survivors.

We try to ensure that the information on the site is always relevant and unbiased, and we achieve this by using an evidence-based inclusion criteria. The quality and quantity of information available in the site is a testament to our content donators.

The topics covered in the site (see the left-hand menu) can be divided into three sections:

Background topics – including core clinical skills, health policy, health promotion and therapeutic interventions
Mental health conditions – an A-Z from anxiety disorders to suicide and self-harm
Populations – including child and adolescent, later life, primary care and prison
If there are any topics that you would like to see covered in the NeLMH, please use the feedback page to tell us your thoughts. If your organisation produces high quality mental health information, which needs a wider audience, and would work well within our library structure, please visit the content donators page to find out how you can get more involved in the NeLMH project.